COSA is a corporate intelligence firm that provides professional services to world's largest consulting and compliance firms, industrial corporations, as well as financial, agricultural, IT and retail companies that run their business or have interests in the CEE and CIS countries, with Ukraine and Russia being our main target countries. We also conduct research on entities located in other regions on request.

Perfect country knowledge, wide network of sources and analysis methods made us a regional leader in the field of corporate intelligence, and a regional partner for global leaders in a variety of industries. US and UK companies especially value our services due to our full understanding of such regulations as the FCPA and Bribery Act 2010.

We are capable of working with a broad variety of industries due to introducing networking technologies, collaborating with a big number of experts from different fields, using universal methods of research and applying databases.

Besides tailor-made solutions we permanently study the political and business environment in the global, regional and national aspect in order to keep pace with the changes and provide our clients with most precise information based on our research, analysis and country knowledge.


• Ready team of upscale system analysts and skilled field research personnel
• Location, mobility and language skills
• Permanent analysis of the political and economic situation
• Experience of communication in the public and private sector
• Understanding and vision of the situation inside the country from different angles
• Unique service for our regular clients: 24 hour response with a report on request

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