Integrity Due Diligence Investigations

In order to avoid compliance risks or risk of fraud the following Integrity due diligence checks are a must for international companies that work on the CEE and CIS markets:

supplier check | distributor check | agent check | customer check | borrower check

COSA researchers assist our clients in:

Integrity due diligence reports

In regard to report writing, we conduct both tailor-made and standard reports covering either specific questions asked by the client that require investigative actions, or providing frequently requested information related to integrity and compliance. We conduct reports of different scopes and complexity, and are able to follow our clients’ specific requirements in regard to formatting, or suggest our own format of reports.

Pre-employment screening

COSA has capabilities for pre-employment screening that implies:

Product development

COSA provides intellectual and operational assistance to its clients in regard to developing such integrity and compliance products as:

Databases and lists | Software that requires permanent data search and data entry | Applications that require local operational assistance

COSA is capable of providing and managing resources on different levels of product development. Such approach helps our clients consolidate different level subcontractors in one company in one corporate hierarchy that simplifies control over a project including its confidentiality.