Global issues and the new architecture of the system of international relations

The events that happened inside and around Ukraine in 2013-2016 have brought more developments to international relations than all years following the bipolar world collapse, combined. Ukraine has become the point of focus of key international players and one of the most discussed topics on the global agenda. Thus, we believe that analysis of global processes from the Ukraine’s viewpoint is important for understanding the perspectives of international system development. Read More

Regional aspect of political and economic matters

This section is aimed at monitoring and evaluating changes of relations between Central and Eastern European countries, with an accent on Ukraine-Russia relations and the major regional players, specifically the EU. Security issues, including military, energy and social aspects, are among the key subjects to be analysed in this section, as well as transformation of economic ties between countries of the region, and the outcomes of political initiatives in regard to European integration processes. Read More

Inside UA

This section outlines the political and economic changes inside Ukraine that may influence the international businesses in the country. Overview and assessment of national-level legislation amendments and decisions taken by local executives help foreign investors to evaluate potential political and business risks. In addition, analysis of positions of the current political and business elite, as well as political forces determining the areas of influence in the country, particular region or specific industry provides foreign investors with the objective view on the political situation and business climate in Ukraine. Read More