COSA systematically performs analysis of country risks in order to provide the best support to companies in their international expansion activities. For these purposes we conduct regular monitoring, deep analysis and forecasting in regard to the political, economic and military situation on a country, regional and global level. We make overviews on a wide array of both general and narrowly specialised topics, conduct analytical reports on individual demand, organise complex large-scale research and provide individual consultations for business and state decision-makers. We also publish our articles and provide expert comments to numerous Ukrainian and international media.

Our country specialists and experts provide tailored advisory services helping clients to manage the threats arising from the political, social and operational environments in the markets in which they operate. Examples of such risks include expropriation, capital controls, breach of government contract, and adverse regulatory changes, as well as war, terrorism, and civil disturbance.

COSA helps its clients to identify their exposure to political risk in a target country and provides assistance in regard to political risk mitigation:

Our political risk experts also conduct risk assessments of particular regions inside a country, as well as particular industries, allowing our clients to make informed decisions regarding its operations and investments. Analysis of local political stability, policy changes, transfer risk and sanctions screening provide an invaluable guide to potential key risks for doing business in a particular country. When identifying political events that could have an impact on client’s business in the country, our analysts assess the vulnerability of the entity to these political events and evaluate potential responses to political risk and opportunities.